Union Process, Inc, has manufactured a custom multi-tank lab Attritor System for grinding metal powders and advanced ceramics.

The Attritor System includes usage of up to six grinding tanks, with six agitator assemblies all in a single unit, allowing for maximum versatility. The single point of control makes the system consistent and easy to use. This unique system provides the opportunity to accomplish multiple test batches under the same lab conditions. A timing belt assures that all connected Attritor shafts run at the same speed for the same period of time. A support column allows the customer to raise or lower the tank. This particular system was designed with MECO shaft seals so the customer could grind under inert gas.

Powered by a 3 HP, TEFC, explosion-proof motor, the system uses a variable frequency (inverter) drive installed in a wash-down duty enclosure mounted remotely. On the machine, there is a stop/start switch with potentiometer for controlling the speed.

Customers may choose standard stainless-steel tanks, or for a metal-free system, tanks can be constructed from alumina, zirconia, or Tefzel®.

Source: Union Process News


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