Environmental impact, savings and energy efficiency: these are some of the leitmotiv that characterize the research and development of BMR, whose aim is to ensure maximum production efficiency both in terms of final product and control of production costs.

Top squadra Dry was exhibited at Tecnargilla 2018 in its new version “4.0”: a model characterized by total line automation. In fact, these have been totally automated:

– management of the calibration and chamfering spindles with tool adjustment based on wear;

– size change with automatic positioning of the tools;

– control of the gauge measurement with real time auto adjustment, making the progressive wear of the tool completely irrelevant..

These operations can be carried out remotely with a station outside the cab thanks to a system of dedicated cameras, to view the squaring operation in real time and to perform an accurate and reliable position control.


In Top Squadra Dry, every single spindle is motorized to reach the programmed position thanks to a brushless motor, with position control picked up by the motor encoder itself. The spindle position is adjusted thanks to the traditional mechanical vernier, now motorized and controlled from the operator panel.


The grinding process is totally automated. A pair of laser sensors at the outfeed of each module reads the work size of the tile as it passes. After this measurement, a signal is sent to the system requesting intervention to adjust the position of the spindle, making the calibration process ever more precise and high performance.


Top Squadra Dry can also be equipped with a camera system on request. The camera system is installed at the top of each tool, allowing images to be captured in real time and, consequently, to obtain the correct placement. If the sensors provide all the data to understand the progress of the machining in terms of precision and effectiveness, the “smart” cameras of Top Squadra Dry 4.0 also offer visual data, allowing the user to make the best possible choice as the work progresses. In addition to the visual inspection of the grinding wheel in operation, it is in fact possible to also carry out real-time control of the wear, correcting the machining cone set in the recipe with micro movements.

This control operation takes place on the single grinding wheel, without having to handle all the grinding wheels and, consequently, greatly reducing the processing times.


In summary, the advantages brought by BMR’s 4.0 dry squaring are:

  • Improved efficiency and quality of work (i.e. more precise and continuous work tolerance);
  • Reduction in the costs of grinding wheels and energy consumption thanks to the inverterization of all the calibrator motors;
  • Recovery of squaring dust with positive impact on eco-sustainability.

Source: BMR Press office


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